Will AI Become a Threat for Casinos

Will Ai Become A Threat For Casinos
With the advancement of AI technology, robots are slowly finding their way into the Casino world. For a while now AI has been able to beat humans in games like chess and checkers, it is only more recently however that an artificial intelligence named Libratus, managed to beat some of the world’s top poker players. Although a huge blow for the humans, this was considered a huge milestone for AI due to the fact that poker is a game with limited information, you don’t know the cards held by the other players. Therefore, the AI has the challenging task of correctly interpreting misleading information and even bluffing itself, a very human behaviour. The experts at PokerSites have collated a huge amount of information about this phenomenon, and provides a valuable insight into the rise of humans against machines.

Although there are many positives that comes with this development, with techniques that could have many real-world applications. This research could be made use of when it comes to cyber security, medical needs, automated guidance and much more. The problem lies, however, in the fact that if there are now robots that are able to beat humans at poker, what does that mean for casinos?
With artificial intelligence on the rise, along with statistical modelling data analysis, you have to question whether these techniques are beginning to take the luck out of gambling. If gambling technology continued to improve, then this means that every player could have a much higher degree of statistical data to go by. If it becomes common for punters to look for science for their answers, there is the risk that prices may reduce to levels that are simply uninteresting for users.
One thing that people may not have considered is the loss of jobs that the rise in AI may cause. If people are prepared to play against a machine rather than a physical person, there is a very real chance that they may not be as many jobs available in a casino that there was before. Not only that, but those that work for or at a casino need to be careful. If there are now ways that a computer can beat humans at games like poker where the stakes can be pretty high, this is going to invite in people who want to play the system. In a physical casino, this may be a little harder to pull off, but it would be very difficult to distinguish a bot from a human when playing at an online casino.
As technology continues to develop, as does AI. Artificial Intelligence continues to get smarter every time that it plays a game, learning from its mistakes and developing itself from that. Casino’s both in real life and online need to be aware of this, and take it into consideration when developing their business. Head over to PokerSites for more facts about the rise of AI in poker, and how it could be changing the way that casinos run for good.
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