Staying Focussed During A Long Poker Tournament

Staying Focussed During A Long Poker Tournament

Poker is a funny thing, especially tournaments, because sometimes they can be just downright boring; which given that the idea is to have fun, seems a bit backwards to me.

Now I love to play poker as much as the next guy (probably more), and I particularly like tournaments; you put in your stake, you know in advance that you probably won’t see it again, but that’s fine, you’re in it to play and have fun (that’s my philosophy at least).

But I have to admit, I have been sat in a tournament before and realised that I was bored. So I decided to write this list of tips, for myself and for all you tourney fans; about how to stay fresh, excited and alert.

Play Smaller Tournaments
Big tournaments pull you in with the lure of big prizes, but the reality is that your chances of winning are pretty small. If you have the mentality that you are playing for fun, smaller tournaments kind of make sense – you progress quicker and the atmosphere is often better too.

Play For Fun
It should go without saying really, but if you lose sight of the fact that this is meant to be fun, it can start to get you down. Think of your tournament stake as the cost of a night out. If you can think of something you’d rather do with that money then you shouldn’t be gambling it. When you realise this it will enable you to enjoy the games you do play, safe in the knowledge that even if you lose, you’ve had a good night.

People Watch
Playing poker involves a lot of sitting around, not playing. Many people combat this by playing too much and trying to force the action (gambling to ease boredom is a bad thing by the way). Try to get into the habit of watching the action and trying to understand what is going on; try to work out what the people playing might have, it’s great fun when you guess correctly. This is great for your game and it’s fun too.

Walk Around
Some people would never dream of leaving the table mid tournament, what if you miss a really good hand? But if you are starting to day dream, you probably need to go and shake off. Sometimes having a quick break can be better for your game than actually playing it. Recognise when you are tired or fatigued and go take 5.

Talk To Your Opponents
Poker can be surprisingly anti-social sometimes, but remember that your opponents are probably there to have fun too. Talking to people is enjoyable, and it will make you enjoy your evening much more – plus it may even give you an insight into how other people play the game.

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Hi, my name is Nisha. I love to play poker, and casino games too; sometimes I win, often I don’t, but I always enjoy the game. I represent a site called Jackpot Party where you can play virtual slot machines online (US players can play for fun).

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