Do You Know Your Bingo Lingo?

Do You Know Your Bingo Lingo?

Bingo lingo refers to the language used when playing the game.

Traditionally, bingo callers use nicknames for each number, ranging from 1 to 90, which is drawn out. You will come across different variations, but we will introduce you to the most common number references to get you up to speed.

We will also give you the low down on the bingo terms used by online players who chat to each other using their very own jargon while playing.

“Eyes down” for our handy guide below to learn all the basics you need to know, then why not use your new-found knowledge to play for free now.

Traditional Number Nicknames

Number nicknames are used to add fun and humour to the bingo game, while also confirming which ball has been selected at random. Players who are familiar with the terms will often shout out the nickname of a number when it is called which can make for great participation.

You will find many calls for bingo numbers relate to the shape of the actual number – or alternatively, the nickname will rhyme with a particular number. However – some nicknames are completely unique which makes them all the more exciting.

Explanations of some nicknames:

2         “one little duck” – this number’s shape resembles a duck
8         “one fat lady” – number 8 looks like a large woman
10         “Downing Street” – refers to the UK Prime Minister’s address which is 10 Downing Street
11        “legs eleven” – looks like a pair of long legs
13         “unlucky for some” – this number has connotations with bad luck
29         “you’re doing fine” – a rhyming phrase
39         “the famous steps” or “all the steps” – relates to The 39 Steps which is a novel written by Scottish author John Buchanan
57        “all the beans” – relates to the Heinz varieties
59         “the Brighton line” – the London to Brighton train service was number 59
88        “two fat ladies” – again, making reference to the shape of the number

Chat Lingo

Online players use words and phrases, which have been abbreviated to make chatting easy, fast and fun. See our jargon-busting list below to learn all you need to know.

Some common phrases and what they mean:
•1TG        1 to go
•2TG        2 to go
•3TG        3 to go
•GL        good luck
•FH        full house
•GG        good going/ good game
•LOL        laughing out loud
•WTG        way to go
•YAW        you’re a winner
•WD        well done
•WDW        well done winner
•UL        unlucky
•BLNT        better luck next time
•TY        thank you
•BBL        be back later
•SYS        see you soon
•AFK        away from keyboard
•BBIAM        be back in a minute
•WB        welcome back

Now you know your bingo lingo, you can be more confident in understanding the offline and online terms when playing the game – good luck

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