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The Brave New World of Legalized Sports Betting

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For the past 25 years, betting legally on sports was possible in only one US state. However, in May this year, the US sports betting industry had a breakthrough. The US Supreme Court ruled against the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, known as PASPA. This decision meant that every state has the right to decide whether it would allow sports betting or not.
We’ll guide you through the changes that came with the US Supreme Court overturning the PASPA law. Which states have legalized sports betting? What kind of economic impact should the US expect? How will the employment rate change? The team at has prepared this infographic that holds all the answers you need.
So, here’s a brief of what you’ll find out in the infographic below. One of the first things you’ll discover is how New Jersey fought against the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act law.
We’ll also share with you an in-depth insight into a legal status of sports betting in each US state. Below, you’ll find a graphical presentation of states where sports betting has already been legalized after the US Supreme Court struck down the PASPA law. Other states have been grouped based on the direction they’ve taken towards legalization.

Did you know that Utah is the only state that won’t act on the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of sports betting? They won’t change their initial decision to disallow betting on sports. However, many other states that have already made progress in a different direction and that is to make sport betting legal.
The infographic also covers the impact sports betting legalization is expected to make on the US economy. Taking into account that the gambling industry in the United States already generates around $28 billion, sports betting legalization is expected to increase this sum drastically. Sports betting operations will also result in a higher number of jobs. The infographic will provide you with an estimated number of both direct and indirect jobs that will open with the introduction of sports betting.
Another important section is related to the monetization of real-time sports data. The two leading sports data companies are Sportradar and Stats. These two companies have a different target audience. While Sportradar works with gambling operators, Stats focuses on media providers. Will these companies stay on top of real-time sports data? What are the future trends that could possibly replace them? At the time being, Stats plans on investing in Artificial Intelligence, but the blockchain technology is also coming into play.
We cannot leave out betting on eSports from the picture. Our infographic will also provide you with valuable info about the potential revenue betting on eSports could generate in the next couple of years.
We hope you’ll enjoy it!

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