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Asgard Slot

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Published in online slots · 4 April 2018
Tags: slots
Thor and Odin are the stars in the Asgard slot at Intertops Casino. Asgard takes you way up north where an all-star team of Norse mythological deities will help you fight your way to legendary riches.
Don't blink for a second in our Asgard game as you're in for a state-of-the-art experience, setting new levels in terms of action and implementation. In the tradition of the latest super popular comic blockbuster installations, you're in for more than just a visual treat.
Four mighty gods of Norse mythology will be at your side to unleash a never before seen storm of big winnings. The game setting is located in the harsh North, a mysterious realm and the land of Vikings. The Vikings are battle-proven bold warriors not afraid of anything, yet they place their trust in their gods. Rightfully so, as the deities help them win battles and in your case a fortune in cash.
In Norse mythology, the gods are believed to live in a clandestine realm, referred to as Asgard and that's right where we're taking you in our Asgard slot. An epic adventure in a mythical realm where once-in-a-lifetime chances to win await you if you dare. With the help of gods such as Odin and Thor it becomes easier to strike it rich and leave the home of the gods with plenty of cash. The presentation of the game is nothing but stunning - once the gods appear, get ready for slick animations and a firework of visuals that transform your screen into a fantastic realm. The soundtrack is a tribute to epic Viking folklore, keeping your heartbeat as high as your winnings.
But the Asgard slot has much more to offer than just a visual masterpiece - expect an epic game that offers legendary winning chances on five reels with 243 All Ways Pays combinations. Asgard offers not only great entertainment but also some of the mightiest bonus features seen to date, after all, it has to live up to the Norse gods.

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