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Poker tips for beginners

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Published by admin in online poker · 10 January 2011
Tags: poker

It can be a little daunting when first entering a poker game so we’ve compiled 5 helpful tips for online poker newbies, and all the experienced players might even learn something!

Don’t Play Every Hand – although you want to get started, there’s no point in playing every hand just for the sake of it, instead bide your time until you get a great hand!

Bluff sparingly – it can be tempting, but try not to bluff with every hand as your opponents will figure you out before long and it could be the end of your game!

Know When to Fold – don’t just stay in a hand because you’ve put a fair amount of chips down. If you’re not going anywhere, it’s better to take the hit and wait for your next good hand.

Pick The Right Game – this applies to your level of skill and also the amount of money you can afford you play with. Don’t jump into a high-stake game after you’ve had a few good wins on the lower stake games. Because you’ll discover, as the stakes rise, so does the skill and experience of the players!

Lay Off the Beers – when playing online poker it can be tempting to crack open a few beers as you play. Be careful you don’t have too many though as your judgement will be affected and before you know it, you’ve been calling all night and suddenly you’re out of chips!

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