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About Us is growing...

We are growing
quickly!  Thanks to our intense SEO efforts, web promotion and total redesign of our web site to simplify design changes, our Alexa ranking is improving rapidly each month and Google has PR5 ranked us, and we are on the first page of google for certain niche key words already!  We are in the link building stage of development as well as other marketing initiatives.  No "black-hat" used as we are in for the long term.


Our plan is to actively promote the Vegas Treasure Chest brand web site, blogs and other social networks on the internet via organic, social, links
and paid advertising to get maximum exposure for our limited number of clients and thereby maximum conversions of new players.  We are in essence, an extension of your own marketing efforts, a partner willing to work with you to maximize your marketing dollar.


Our concept is simple... provide individual gaming properties unique secondary
internet exposure to prospective online players via quality custom web page promotion.  We do not take away from your current web site or doorway page on the internet, rather we enhance your marketing efforts with a complementary avenue of promotion, but without the expense or danger of getting penalized by the search engines.  Why spend thousands developing a duplicate web site or doorway page from your existing site and server when you can get a complete web page or multiple pages customized to your individual brands at a fraction of the price.


In order to make this concept achievable
, we obtain the support of our clients so we can continuously increase our marketing efforts to promote you or your clients' brands.  We are now up and running and fully capable of providing enhanced marketing opportunities on our web sites and associated blogs.  Capacity is very limited as we will soon reduce current listings and cap individual menu categories.  We feel that limiting the number of offerings to 10-20 offerings for a prospective player to choose from to make a decision to continue on to the site and play without getting totally confused.


Each gaming client is uniquely afforded the individual attention it needs to present it's offering to the public with minimal interuption from other competitor's offerings and ads.  Normally, properties place their banners, text links, and videos on large directories, portals, forums, web sites or blogs that are stuffed and cluttered with many other competitor images, articles, text and news.  Which one to pick? Is the client confused?  Quantity over Quality.  No need to go into design issues as most sites are wordpress templates or equivalent stuffed with banners and advertisings.

Each individual page (or pages) can be uniquely
customized with the following:

  • html text with links

  • images and banners

  • image gallery

  • slide show

  • video and sound

  • links internally and externally

get the benefit of the page being fully SEO and HTML compliant, with custom title, description, keywords. Submission to serch engines and social networks is included and ongoing.

Our Brand

Currently we have ongoing site
development of the following:

Our Offering:

Web Site Text Link Promotion:

  • Text Link from the home page or selected category to your web site.

  • Text addition or use existing word(s) at our discretion.

  • Listing on 3 web sites.

Web Site Full Page Promotion:

  • Link from the home page in selected category

  • Custom page creation with title, description and keywords

  • 125x125 banner (script or flash)

  • 250x250 banner (script or flash)

  • Flash banner (local or internet served)

  • Video (local, http, youtube provided with alt text, scroll bar optional)

  • Standard text description or review provided by client

  • Home page Image gallery - 125x125 with thumbnail, alt text and image description with internal link to Full page

  • Featured site on home page - 250x250 with internal/external link (monthly rotation)

Blog Promotion: (requires full page review option)

  • Free Article blog permanent addition with link to Full page review (text plus 125x125 image)

  • Free Promotion blog entry or press release with link to Full page review (text plus 125x125 image)

  • Free Twitter announcements to our multiple twitter accounts

  • Free RSS feed announcements of blog promotions and articles

  • optional feed to twitter automation to have your continous feed sent automatically to our twitter accounts

  • optional 125x125 image with direct link on featured blog location. (max. 4 slots side or bottom)

Other Promotion Options:

  • text link placed at our choice on secondary page (depends on availability)

  • text link placed at our choice on home page with bubble graphic and description  (depends on availability)

  • text link placed at bottom of ALL pages (100+ pages) (depends on space and availability)

  • Page-Peel Banner on Top Right of Home Page only (no rotation, one only) (with sound)

  • Page-Peel Banner on Top Right of all pages (100+ pages) (with sound)

Custom Design:

  • Complete web design package available similar in quality to but with different template, colors, graphics.  Hosting and domain registration also available.

  • SEO and web hosting consulting

  • Partnerships/Sponsorships for unique domains are also available.

Send us your marketing requirements or affiliate program details along with your marketing budget and we will evaluate what we can offer in return and get back to you with a quote.  Each client's requirement is custom.  We look at both advertising and affiliate programs.

To discuss these or other options, contact us below
or continue to our order form HERE
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